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Halloween Hearts and Dreams

Halloween Hearts and Dreams Theresa Derwin Carl’s feet smelled like their owner up and died ten years ago; an overwhelming aroma of soft cheese and farts. When you live at foot height, it can be a cruel existence.   I retch, cough up a furball, and twine my legs, making figure eights around this hooman, all

Shadow in the Empire of Light

Shadow in the Empire of LightAuthor: Jane RoutleyPublisher: Rebellion Publishing SolarisPage count: 350ppRelease date: 21 Jan. 2021 Shine, a 23 year old female, is likely to remain on the farm of Willow-in-the-Mist Estate, with no magic powers, no nobility, no inheritance and no children, until the day she dies. She works the land for her

The Apocalypse Strain by Jason Parent

The Apocalypse Strain Author: Jason Parent Publisher: Flame Tree Press Release Date: 11th Aug 2020 Well, talk about writing a book that reflects current society; Jason Parent’s latest book is a horror/SF Hybrid novel about a – yep, you got it – virus. A potentially world ending disease. The novel starts with Sergei, one of

Love Bites – Ry Herman

Love Bites Author: Ry HermanPublisher: Jo Fletcher BooksPage count: 384ppRelease date: 9th July 2020. Angela was dead to begin with.Please indulge my deliberate misquote of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ there, but I can find no better way to indicate the state of the first main protagonist. This fun, well-written LGBTQ Vampire romantic comedy, starts in

The Book of Koli M. R. Carey

The Book of Koli – Eco Horror The Book of Koli, M. R. Carey, Orbit Books, 416pp, Pub 16th April 2020 Koli is a teenager who comes from Mythen Rood, a village with two hundred ‘souls’ in a dystopian world. unlike the majority of his siblings, he is mixed race with brown skin, and he’s one

Tomb of Gods – Brian Moreland

Tomb of GodsAuthor: Brian Moreland Publisher: Flame Tree PressPage count: 288ppRelease date: 21st May 2020 I have adored everything Egyptian, particularly mummies, since childhood. I was first bitten by the proverbial scarab as a child watching Universal and Hammer Horror films, then as an adult I discovered the infamous Mummy trilogy with Brendan Fraser as well

A Wise Friend – Ramsey Campbell

A Wise FriendAuthor: Ramsey CampbellPublisher: Flame Tree Press Page count: 256ppRelease date: 23rd April 2020 Academic professor Patrick Torrington has his son Roy staying with him, and as always happens when teenager Roy and his Dad get together, the subject of ‘Thelma’ the strange family member, Patrick’s aunt, comes up. She was a renowned artist whose

Flashes of Hope – Anthology Sub Call

Flashes of Hope is a Flash Fiction anthology being funded by Theresa Derwin to raise money for foodbanks to support victims of Covid 19.Francois Vaillancourt is donating the cover art. He is a Montreal-Canadian artist who has worked on Stephen King projects. I will be purchasing HWA Adverts and Newsletter space to help promote the book and also seeking advertising in other venues including Crystal Lake

The Forever House

The Forever House Publisher: Flame Tree Press Author: Tim Waggoner Page count: 304pp Release date: 26th March 2020 TW: Historical child abuse, self  harm, suicideh Published by Flame Tree Press, ‘The Forever House’ is a contemporary horror novel from Bram Stoker award-winning author Tim Waggoner. Waggoner is a writer willing to risk new techniques and writing styles, to

We Are Monsters

We Are MonstersAuthor: Brian KirkPublisher: Flame Tree PressPage count: 336 ppRelease date: 23rd January 2020TW:Child Abuse, Mental Illness, Bullying Who is really the monster It’s a question often asked in horror. Just look at a Frankenstein, for starters. In ‘We Are Monsters’, Kirk explores the complex realm of mental illness, psychiatry, and attitudes towards those