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Dread Nation – Justina Ireland

Author: Justina Ireland  Dread Nation Publisher: Titan Books Page count: 449pp Release date: 2nd April 2019 Reviewer: Theresa Derwin Literally smack bang in the middle of its UK launch date, it was announced that Dread Nation (released earlier in the US) was a Hugo finalist. Ok, yeah, so I was only a few pages in

Blood Ink – Dana Fredsti

Blood Ink Spawn of Lilith (Book 2) Author: Dana Fredsti Publisher: Titan Books Page count: 367pp Release date: 2nd April 2019 Reviewer: Theresa Derwin  I read the first Spawn of Lilith book on its release, and absolutely loved it. Lee Striga is a stuntwoman recovering from serious injuries, trying to reforge a career in the film

#SPN300 and SPN Fanfic

So, those of my USA/Canada #SPNFamily friends will already have had the chance to watch the #SPN300 episode of Supernatural called ‘Lebanon’. I haven’t watched it in full yet, but what I do know, is that #JDM, or Jeffery Dean Morgan, makes a guest appearance as John Winchester- whether he’s dead, alive, a ghost, a

Meet Supernatural author Tim Waggoner

So, today, #SPNFamily woke up to loads of tweets and announcements from the likes of Eric Kripke, Jared Padalecki and Theo Devaney, telling us this awesome news; Yes, hit show Supernatural has been renewed for Season 15. So, in my month dedicated to the show, I interview regular Supernatural author Tim Waggoner, ahead of his

Supernatural: Joyride by John Passarella

Supernatural: JoyrideAuthor: John Passarella Publisher: Titan Books Page count: 352pp Release date: 30th Oct 2018 Reviewer: Theresa Derwin Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m a big fan of the TV show Supernatural. I watch it ahead of the UK, go to the cons and read all the TV Tie-in books, which I love.For those not

Christmas-Love At the Northern Lights

Love at the Northern Lights Author: Darcie Boleyn Publisher: Canelo Escape Page count: 279pp Release date: 17 Sept. 2018 Reviewer: Theresa Derwin Frankie – or Frances – is trussed up like a Christmas turkey in a designer wedding dress, about to marry her fiancé Rolo at his stately home, when her doubts are questioned

New Fears Edited by Mark Morris

New Fears (Ed) Mark Morris Publisher: Titan Books Page count: 408pp Release date: 19th September 2017 Reviewer: Theresa Derwin This review was started before the BFS Awards 2018 were announced. My review has been delayed due to health. Mark Morris, from the start of his career with his novel Toady, has cemented a reputation as

Raising Fire by James Bennett

Raising Fire (Ben Garston Book 2) Author: James Bennett Publisher: Orbit Books Page count: 386 pp. Release date: 29 Aug 2017 Reviewer: Theresa Derwin So, here we are, at the second instalment of the Ben Garston trilogy, and without too many spoilers, here’s what happened. Ben, a dragon when not in his human form, fought

This is Our Legacy

First off, Happy November, Happy Turkey Day, Happy Hanukkah, happy Christmas “barrage at the supermarkets and take advantage of the “Calories don’t Count in the Winter” day.” Okay, maybe not if you want to stay a bit healthy. I’m starting this blog, with something breezy, to get you reading, to start my insidious creep into

A Christmas Gift Sue Moorcroft

Yes, I know we haven’t had Halloween yet, but even so, I love my Christmas books, and this one by Sue Moorcroft is brilliant so I wanted to share my thoughts with you, before the glittering Hardback comes out next week A Christmas Gift Author: Sue Moorcroft Publisher: Avon Books Page count: 384pp Release date: