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Happy New Year – Welcome to the Party, Pal

So, here it is folks, 2018. And it has to be a better year than 2017. Writing wise it was a real success, though I lost friends, an uncle who was an inspiration and helped me develop ‘Mummy Knows Best’ and my Elmo – Dave, the love of my life. (So guys, I’m single now dial 0891 …..)

Seriously though, my thanks go to Sue Moorcroft who topped and tailed my year with ‘A Christmas Promise’ which deals with cancer and ‘The Little Village Christmas’ which brightened up my festive period.

But, not gonna dwell on the past in this post; not for long anyway.

First off, Happy Birthday Frankenstein! Yeah, 1st Jan 1818 Mary Shelley’s opus ‘Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus’ was published.

Often seen as a science fiction novel, which it is, it’s also a clever piece of body horror and Mary Shelley is an early Woman in Horror. So, let’s mark this occasion with a solemn quote or two:

“Abby – Abi-normal” …

“There wolf – there castle!”
“Roll, roll, roll in the hay …”

Okay yeah so I cheated, I quoted ‘Young Frankenstein’, but what do you expect?
I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve in a social club, with my #DaddyPaddy who’s a veritable institution on Twitter.

Now, it’s onwards and upwards.

I want to mention a couple of books which stayed with me this year:
I’ve already mentioned Sue Moorcroft

I want to give a nod to
Mark Morris and the New Fears Anthology from Titan Books. Wow, brimming with talent and terrific stories. A full review will follow.

Dana Fredsti and The Spawn of Lilith
Angela Slatter – Corpse Light
Lisa Shearin – The SPI Files books
Ed McDonald – Blackwing
Jasper Bark – Quiet Places

I have big plans for 2018 going into 2019. Huge.

“Don’t step on that fish Castiel, I have big plans for that fish.” Supernatural Wiki

I’m going to be focusing on the shorter pieces for the year, finishing two novellas ‘God’s Vengeance’ and ‘Once Upon a Feather’, plus some short stories for markets I’m keen to get into. That should be about eight stories.

I’ll be working on lots of Women in Horror related stuff including my awareness website and applying for a PhD to concentrate on this area.

On Fri 2nd Feb I’ll be hosting a Women in Horror evening at The Gunmakers Arms before attending @BhamHorrorCon Sat 3rd Feb.

Most importantly I’ll be compiling a new collection for 2018 release, not on Amazon, to raise funds so I can attend StokerCon 2019 and reach another bucket list goal.

And speaking of bucket list moments?
Yeah, Oct 17 I finally got my best story acceptance ever – Editor and publisher Steve Dillon took a chance on me and put my story ‘Trapped’ in his anthology ‘Below the Stairs – Tales from the Cellar’ with such luminaries as Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Paul Kane and some tentacle dude.

I also appeared as Guest Author at Birmingham Horror Con with Adam Nevill and Adam Millard amongst others. I also went to Darker Side of Fiction with Yvonne Davies who now has ownership of, attended Eastercon and took part in four panels on the Disabilities Track, Edge Lit, then FantasyCon where I had the privilege of moderating a panel on Women in Horror with some brilliant female authors including Guest of Honour Nancy Kilpatrick, Laura Mauro, Tracy Fahey and Jan Edwards. I also took part in Fiction Fix with Helen Gould.

Early March 2017 I was honoured to moderate a panel with Darren Shan, and finally got to meet Pete Sutton properly.

2017 saw me make 20 submissions to various markets (I even got paid semi-pro on a couple!) with 11 acceptances, making a hit rate of 55%, which I’m pretty pleased about.

As for actual resolutions?

Yep, lose weight – again. For me, not for anyone else.
Achieve my writing goals above.
Improve my health and wealth
Relax more and try to de-stress
Read 52 books and review as many as possible
Complete HDV2 Anthology and raise more funds for breast cancer awareness
Push towards a world that encourages diversity through my writing, blogging and my life.
Meet Sam and Dean Winchester – yeah, those of you who know me IRL know I’m addicted to Supernatural and hope to one day write a tie-in, an episode or the most awesome fan-fic ever! Author and interviewer Ruschelle Dillon knows all about how I feel about the boys.

So, happy new year all.

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Carry on Wayward Geeks

Theresa Derwin