Christmas And Writing

So, as part of my MA Creative Writing at @BCU, this semester I’m taking #Screenwriting with @itsandyconway.

There’s a lot of work, but the class is fantastic.

Now, we all know I’m a horror writer. But my guilty pleasure is Christmas Romance – so, for my end and interim project, I’m working on a screenplay called ‘The Christmas Elf and the Shoemaker’.

To get you in the mood for the silly season, I’ve written a review of Sarah Morgan’s ‘A Wedding in December’ out at the end of Oct. On Amazon and Goodreads you’ll soon find a forthcoming review of Sue Moorcroft’s ‘Let it Snow.’

But for now, here’s what I thought of this novel from #HQ #MillsandBoon

A Wedding in December 

Author: Sarah Morgan

Publisher: HQ 

Page count: 400pp

Release Date: 31st October 2019

Sarah Morgan; Oh, how I’ve missed you. I totally enjoy your summer books, but when it comes to Christmas, you bring it in with a capital C!
And this book, ‘A Wedding in December’ is possibly my favourite.
It flows like that old song;
“It may be winter Outside

But in my heart, it’s spring

How much joy and pleasure baby

Can one guy bring me?”

Or one book.

Somehow, Sarah’s books make my winter, – and Christmas – light, airy bright, warm and tingly inside.
In this novel, meet the White Family, who have always dreamed of a ‘White Christmas’. Despite chronic asthma, which frequently lands her in hospital, Rosie moves to Boston to study literature and meets Dan, the man of her dreams. Overworked and stressed sister Katie, an ER doctor, finds out Rosie and Dan are due to marry after three months to get her, on Christmas Eve in Aspen Colorado, and she freaks out. She’s determined to stop the wedding at any cost.Whilst parents Maggie (an editor at an academic publisher) and Nick (an Egyptologist and professor) have split up months ago and decide to keep their impending divorce a secret.So, off the Whites pop to Snowfall Lodge in Aspen to meet Catherine, the mother of the groom (and Wedding Planner), and Dan’s BFF Jordan.And that’s when the fun starts. A wonderful blend of Christmas romance, laugh out loud and wry humour, family drama and genuine emotional moments, this heartfelt book has everything you need this winter.Everyone in this book hides something of themselves from those they love, but for both Katie, Rosie and their mum and Dad, secrets can lead to pain, until they realise that sharing how they feel, or what they’re going through, is the way to happiness.There are unexpected moments, warm hugs on a page and oodles of Christmas atmosphere fully captured with Sarah Morgan’s glittering descriptions.I eagerly await Sarah’s new Christmas book every year, it’s literally my Christmas tradition to snuggle up, read the latest story and bask in the warm glow of the narrative.It’s so good, it’s like Morgan Freeman narrating it, whisky serving up hot chocolate.Simply sumptuous and superb seasonal fun.

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