Christmas-Love At the Northern Lights

Love at the Northern Lights
Author: Darcie Boleyn
Publisher: Canelo Escape
Page count: 279pp
Release date: 17 Sept. 2018
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Frankie – or Frances – is trussed up like a Christmas turkey in a designer wedding dress, about to marry her fiancé Rolo at his stately home, when her doubts are questioned by her dad, who tells her if she doesn’t love Rolo, just go.
For years, she has done everything her rich, demanding grandmother Helen wants of her, but at the last minute she runs, grabs a taxi, and is soon sitting at an airport cafe in summer clothes, in the middle of November, with nowhere to go.
It is then she takes out a postcard her mother Freya sent to her when Frankie was eighteen.
Freya left her husband (Hugo – Frankie’s Dad) and Frankie when Frankie was still a young child, leaving the grandmother to choose Frankie ‘suitable’ jobs and husband. Her job pays well but it doesn’t excite her. She’d dreamed, instead, of being a fashion designer.
Looking at the postcard of the northern lights, “Frankie knew where she was going. She would head to Norway and try to find her mother.”
When she arrives, gets partly settled and has some warm clothing, she meets Jonas, a drop-dead gorgeous Thor-alike; a tall, broad, golden – long-haired with beard – blonde man who is not only polite and thoughtful, but sets a flame flickering in her heart and loins.
He’s a stranger, soon to become a friend who just happens to be a photographer displaying work in her mum, Freya’s, gallery.
‘Love at the Northern Lights’ is a beautiful journey of discovery set in a stunning place, as Frankie finally experiences “the freedom from being the woman others had expected her to be, when all she had ever wanted was to know herself.”
There is of course romance, as can be expected but not only one, and there is comedy, a great plot and also the sheer joy of experiencing Norway, as narrated by Boleyn. I’d be very if the author hadn’t visited the region or met huskies, reindeer and seen the aurora borealis judging by her descriptions. She completely captures this winter wonderland for the reader and it’s a very heartwarming book.
Romance readers will not be disappointed!

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