Edge Lit #7 and Dark Voices


So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog – part ill health, part being locked out of the damn site – til my Knight in a ‘Shining’ T-shirt, Steve Shaw, Great British Horror, came to the rescue.

So, I’m baaaaack!!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but ‘Dark Voices’ my charity anthology in support of Breast Cancer awareness and fundraising, is coming soon!

At Edge Lit #7 we had a packed room of people eager to hear readings from the various stories in the book, coming from Lycan Valley Publications.  There’ll be ordering details at the bottom of this page via the publisher.

The inception for this book was a long time in the making, starting way back in 2011 at what was Alt.Fiction run by Alex Davis. In 2014 I published a small ‘Her Dark Voice’ anthology, but being quite new to the business it fizzled out.

I had bigger plans.

Featuring a plethora of amazing dark stories by #WomeninHorror and #WomeninDarkFiction, this book travels the world with writers from across the globe include HWA ‘force to be reckoned with’ Marie O’Regan, who came to sign the limited bookplates, Angela Slatter, Stoker Lifetime award recipient Linda D Addison, Shirley Jackson award finalist Laura Mauro, prolific writers Angeline Trevena and Christine Morgan, and vampire master Nancy Kilpatrick.

I was joined at the launch by a bunch of wonderful and talented writers included in the anthology; Charlotte Bond, Lisa Childs (editorial team), Pauline E Dungate, Penny Jones, Reen Jones, Keris McDonald, Anne Nicholls, Hayley Orgill, Angeline mentioned above.

Photos copyright Janine Ashbless and Kathryn Wild

It was a great, lively, fun event. Plenty of wine was quaffed and lost of names taken for the book’s release, as well as a few quid to add to the charity pot. There was literally standing room only.

As for Edge Lit, awesome as always. It was great to meet Paul Tremblay, whos books I’m devouring, to attend the Great British Horror Launch, really informative panels on ghosts, etc plus a great agent workshop led by Anna Smith Sparks.

My thanks, however go to Paul Kane and Steve Shaw, who helped me nail another bucket list moment. (hey, get your mind out of the gutter). As a massive Clive Barker fan, I got to meet Simon Bamford (Hellraiser/Nightbreed), great guy, and have a selfie with him and Paul.

So, a great day was had by many. But, the piece de resistance? StokerConUK is coming to Scareborough – sorry, Scarborough- 2020. And you can thank the Dynamic Duo of HWA, Marie O’Regan and her partner in crime Paul Kane.

And no, I didn’t win the raffle again. I blame the evil Pixie!!

For #DarkVoices orders go to www.lycanvalley.com


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