Guess Who’s Back? Summer reads

So, I was feeling very low just over a month ago.

Mixed up meds, lots of health issues – one hopefully mid-resolution right now – lots of rejections.

Today, brings another, but boy, I’m pleased.

Yes, I wanted in, but the editor’s response was thoughtful, detailed and personal.

Well done Cemetery Dance.

Mid-way through healing, I realised finally, after a long struggle, and with lots of help from #WomeninHorrorandDarkFiction: #DarkVoices was born.

My copies arrived, and they are beautiful.

Thanks to the authors, artists, editors and publisher #LycanValleyPublications and MJ Sydney who helped make this happen when I was physically unable to do any work whatsoever.

Here are the links from Amazon to order Dark Voices:

Remember, it’s dedicated to Vicky Stock and all of the Cancer Warriors out there, and proceeds towards breast cancer charities.

Below you’ll see Vicky’s mum Geraldine Cook, and her husband Tim Stock, holding their copies.

So, what am I reading or what have I read recently?

I wanted to recommend a few recent releases, an old one and a summer one.

Here’s my new arrival #NewFears2 edited by legendary horror and Dr Who author Mark Morris, who has collated and edited twenty-one brand new horror stories by some of the best authors out there atm, including our very own Laura Mauro from #DarkVoices, who also edited a number of stories. New Fears 2 also includes stories by Paul Tremblay and Catriona Ward, for starters.

Here’s my copy just arrived in its subdued packaging – #Amazonmusttryharder.

I can’t wait to dive into this one.

In a separate post, I’ll put my review of One Summer in Italy by Sue Moorcroft- a FantasyCon regular and a new author I as delighted to discover thanks to Craig at #ForbiddenPlanet #Birmingham – Sarah Kuhn. The book is #HeroineComplex, book one in an exciting series by DAW, featuring an awesome female sidekick with a semi-awesome yet flawed heroine. The book, as well as dealing with evil cupcakes, shows us non-white BAME heroines, kick ass fighting, issues with fandom and is so contemporary it lights up the page.

There are so many other books I want to read, but I’m working my way through the Anita Blake series, plus a few others, in between the reading that requires more concentration.

So, what are you reading, as the Sept autumn chill creeps in?

I hope it’s horror – after all it’s nearly Halloween.

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