My Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship

So, the news is out now, released by John Palisano of the Horror Writer’s Association on Sat night UK time. I’d only been holding on to the news for two nights, but it was killing me. I was a burbling, gurgling burst of volcanic energy, threatening to erupt with excitement.

It appears that I am this year’s recipient of the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship – established to support the education and development of women in horror. This was my third year applying, and when technical hiccups prevented me uploading my PDP (Personal Development Plan) on the submittable form, I almost gave up. But I didn’t.

I sought out help from HWA Committee members.

Never Give Up, Kids

After the battle was won, with help, I got my application in under the deadline.

And each year, I’d learned something new.

For starters, I used that PDP.

I spent the last two years learning more, trying new styles and methods of writing. Signed up to be a juror for the last two years running for the BFSA. This year I’m currently neck deep reading and assessing the periodicals/magazines category.  And so far, it’s been an amazing experience that has taught me more about the short story and publishing industry. I mean, after all, these are the …

I’m incredibly honoured and grateful for the opportunity afforded me by the HWA. What they are doing to support new and existing horror writers is amazing stuff.
But of course, I now have a responsibility to use that scholarship to develop as a writer and a person.
And you know what they say. With great power, comes great responsibility.
So, over the next two years, here’s what I’ll be doing.
Getting that Uber contract to earn ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! Ok, that isn’t quite likely ….

So, here’s the plan:

Complete my MA Creative Writing During which I’ll be finishing my demon serial killer vs witches novel ‘Mercy’

My novella Gods Vengeance

One collection

Attend one writing retreat 

Attend a number of cons – some already booked – such as

For The Love of Horror Manchester Oct 19

Novacon – one day – to see Mike Carey – Nottingham Dec 19

Wales Comic Con – Sat 7th Dec – to meet Tom Welling


Possibly LUX2

Eastercon – one – two days in Birmingham UK (my hometown)

Stokercon UK where I’ll be attending as many university classes as possible whilst chasing Tim Waggoner around on my scooter for book signings Now, here it is …..
My plan is to take two weeks in the USA to attend Killercon in Austin, Texas, and have a quick trip to see Jensen Ackle’s pub, just 15 miles away. I’m a massive Supernatural fan.
Throughout all of this I’ll be catching up on owed reviews, concentrating on lots of writing guides, non fiction periodicals and the like, and learning as much as I possibly can.
And of course, I’ll be going to Crossroads 3, the Birmingham based Supernatural convention from Starfury Events Oct 2020.

The final part I’ll be working on my novel and my education.
I couldn’t have done it without the support of the HWA and the Scholarship (and the Student Loan of course) so thank you.


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