Restoration Verity Fassbinder Book 3

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Restoration (Verity Fassbinder Book 3)
Author: Angela Slatter
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
Page count: 387pp
Release date: 9 Aug 2018
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
A few years ago, I’d heard really good things about Angela Slatter, so when Vigil came out – the first in the Verity Fassbinder trilogy – I was delighted to review the book. But, I loved it that much, I sent a friend to the London signing to buy me a signed copy.
I devoured it in just two days; enamoured with the world of the ‘Weyrd’ in Brisneyland, and things that go bump in the night.
In the first book, Verity meets her future husband, and battles all sorts of evil.
She is the daughter of one human and one Weyrd parent, she has very little power herself, but does claim unusual strength and the ability to walk between one world and the other as a couple of her talents. A rarity, she is charged with keeping the peace, and ensuring the Weyrd remain hidden.
So, at this point, its heading into familiar urban fantasy territory – these books have been compared to The Dresden books. But already, in the the first book, I was hooked. Wine is being made from the tears of children, Sirens are being killed, and secrets abound.
I like bed the second book, Corpselight, just as much.
By the time we reach Restoration, a lot has gone on.
#This is what that, there Angela Slatter looks like#
**** SPOILERS ****
Verity has discovered her dad was a kinderfesser – eater of children, her mum still alive, was prisoner in the Underworld, and now she’s married, has baby Maisie, but they’ve had to go into hiding whilst  Verity finishes a couple of jobs for a damaged, deranged angel.
There are many enjoyable characters in this series, not the least, Verity herself, who has mastered the art of first person snark.
The sisters Norn who run a Weyrd cafe are great fun, Ziggi, Verity’s uncle is great, and truthfully, between the nasty, the nosey and the nice, I loved all of the characters in the book.
Now, I’ve spoliered book one and two, to get you started, but I won’t spoiler this one.
Suffice to say, with kitsune Joyce as her taxi driver/escort, and the hunt for the holy grail, there’s loads of action, humour, emotion, and plenty of surprises along the way.
It nicely wraps up these particular issues, Verity’s current journey, but leaves enough there for the second trilogy to emerge.
Brilliant stuff.



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