Silver Unsilenced

Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity book 1)
Author: Nalini Singh
Publisher: Gollancz
Page count: 457pp
Release date: 15 Jun. 2017
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Silver Silence is the first novel in a new branch of the continuing Psy-Changeling series.
Set in the future, a world in which Psy (those with psychic powers), changelings (shifters) and humans live together, the psychics, unable to deal with the mental strain of so many thoughts, lived under the Psy-Net. It is, or was, a psychic ‘net’ linking all Psy together and stilling emotion.
Throughout the series, some Psy have escaped, some have mates with humans, some with changelings and vice versa.
However, in the last book, a Trinity Accord was created to enable the three races to live in peace.
Silver Mercant is Kaleb Krychek’s senior aide, and the head of EmNet, which was born along with the Trinity Accord. Valentin, the StoneWater bear, was only a changeling alpha, yet he still managed to chip away at Silver’s intact Silence Protocol.
Valentin has turned up at her home to hand-deliver a report on aide offered by the bear clan, when Silver collapses, poisoned.
Krycheck transports her to the hospital, Valentin having kept her stable.
“Silver Mercant and EmNet were one of the foundation stones on which Trinity was built.”
These are the thoughts of the Human Patriot.
A man determined to destroy the Trinity by killing Silver.
So, for rough alpha bear Valentin, the only way to protect her and allow her space to find out who is out to kill her, is to kidnap her and hide her at his cavern.
As usual, the book blends romance, comedy and intrigue with adventure and a whodunnit plot.
I particularly liked the comedic excerpts from the ‘Wild Woman’ magazine, a guide to dating bears.
Now, this was branching into a whole new set up, which I enjoyed. And Silver took the strong woman to the enth degree; intelligent, savvy, determined, yet willing to embrace emotion and family.
So much so, that I immediately bought the kindle follow up Oceans Light, to dive in after the cliffhanger.
This is my favourite of the long series since Kiss of Snow.
This was a book very appropriate for the world we now live in

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