Supernatural: Joyride by John Passarella

Supernatural: JoyrideAuthor:

John Passarella Publisher:

Titan Books

Page count: 352pp

Release date: 30th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m a big fan of the TV show Supernatural. I watch it ahead of the UK, go to the cons and read all the TV Tie-in books, which I love.For those not fully aware of the show, I’ll give you the five dollar tour:Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers, from Kansas.When Sam is six months old and Dean four years old, a demon comes into Sam’s room and his mother Mary is killed.This sets their Dad John Winchester on a path to become a monster hunter and he trains his sons in that job too.This novel is set in series 12, actually one of my favourite series, in which the boys, now in their late thirties/early forties, are hunters living in an old ‘Men of Letters’ bunker.The British Men of Letters (BMoL)  are now working with a resurrected Mary and allocating jobs to Sam and Dean, much to Dean’s frustration.In between taking jobs from the BMoL, Sam finds a job – the subject of this novel – to occupy Dean and distract him from his building depression.The novel starts at the stroke of midnight in a small town, Moyer, Missouri, when all of the town’s inhabitants instantly fall unconscious irrespective of what they’re doing.Eating, exercising, dancing, driving – everyone passes out for about ten minutes, some waking up injured and confused, many not waking up at all. Think ‘Village of the Damned’.Only one person seems to have remained awake; a local homeless man who is swatting his arms away at invisible flies at the time of the ‘midnight naps’. Deputy Gruber who drives into the town on the night, just after midnight, finds the chaos and the fallen bodies, so he’s assigned to support Sam and Dean in their investigation, which ranges from toxic chemicals released from a local factory to aliens or ghosts. What makes things worse however, is that residents have started acting very weird, committing a variety of pranks. But it isn’t the kids. It’s the adults. And these so-called-pranks are nasty.Whilst avoiding spoilers I do want to mention reference to an historical cult, which the boys come across as part of their investigation.From Stephen King, to Paul Tremblay, to this novel by John Passarella then Rio Youers, 2018 – 2019 is the continued ‘Year of Cult Fiction’ a theme emerging repeatedly in horror during the last few years. The way it ties into this off piste adventure is incredibly clever and intriguing.There’s an ecological message here and a great adventure too. John Passarella knows his subject and Sam and Dean’s voices are authentic. The BMol background is accurate as is the tension between the brothers, which the SPNFamily – or fans – will instantly recognise. There’s also a nice humorous thread through the story and a substantial plot. Another five star hit from the Winchester trenches.For UK SPNFAMILY- there’s a UK SPN con this June in Birmingham 21 – 23 June featuring Ketch and Mick plus many more.Just google Starfury Crossroads 2 to book.

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