About Theresa

Theresa Derwin has lived in Birmingham since birth and her career has been pretty varied; from Warehouse Packer, then bar work, to being a crap waitress then swiftly into retail, Admin, Professional Student and dosser until finally entering the Civil Service in 1999.

HWA member Theresa Derwin writes Urban Fantasy & Horror and has over fifty anthology acceptances, one in ‘Below the Stairs’ with Clive Barker and a number of them in Writing advice and Shallow Waters anthologies from Crystal Lake Publishing.

When she became too ill to work, she accepted medical ‘escape’ in 2012 to pursue a writing career. As well as physical disabilities she has cognitive function issues, and writing gives her an escape from her illnesses.

She’s had four collections published; has edited more than nine anthologies. Her forthcoming books include ‘God’s Vengeance’ from CLP. Her most recent collection is ‘Hearts and Bones’ from Demain Publishing.

She is the 2019 HWA Mary Shelley Scholarship recipient.

She also just survived her first year on a part time MA Creative Writing.

She blogs at www.theresaderwin.co.uk

Twitter @BarbarellaFem

She has loved horror, fantasy and SF all her life, thanks to her father who raised her on 50s Sci-Fi, Universal Monsters, tango and popcorn. Her love of the bizarre, (including her Dad) remains constant to this day. She also owes a great debt to Rog Peyton from the BSFG who introduced her to alternative fiction at the tender the age of 14.

In 2013 Theresa ran the successful literature convention Andromeda One.

Theresa Derwin – writing genre fiction since – her last cup of coffee.